Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Sterling Forest - 20th May

A trip up to Sterling Forest to try and connect with some more migrants. The day started well with singing warblers all over the place. Blue-winged and Prairie Warblers were the commonest, and easily seen. It took a while before the first Golden-winged Warbler was found, but  eventually one showed well. A hybrid Blue-winged x Golden-winged (backcross Brewster's x Golden-winged we think) provided a pleasant diversion. Bird of the day for me was the Black-billed Cuckoo however, showing briefly, but very close. We had heard a few calling, but only saw the one bird. Yellow-billed Cuckoo were also very vocal.

Male Golden-winged Warbler on a territory

Hybrid Golden-winged x Blue-winged Warbler. Note the wing pattern like a Blue-winged, a golden crown like a Golden-winged, and the white throat. It was also singing the Blue-winged song.
Male Indigo Bunting

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