Sunday, May 28, 2017

Lesser Nighthawk - Lord Sterling Park, NJ

While watching the Henslow's Sparrow at Shawangunk I got chatting to a couple of birders about the extraordinary report of a Lesser Nighthawk at a park in New Jersey. It had apparently been handed in as an injured bird to a rescue centre, and they had released it once it had recovered. They assured me it had been present for a couple of days, and would probably still be there. I therefore hot-footed it south on a filthy twitch. Sure enough it was exactly where it had been for the past couple of days. A quite extraordinary record since they are really supposed to be in California right now.

Lesser Nighthawk. Unfortunately the key identification features are not visible (buffy spots on the primaries).
Eastern Phoebe

Red Fox. Just trotting down the road, keeping a weather ear out front and back...

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