Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Central Park spring 2017

Spring migration started quite late as the first week or so was very wet and many birds were held up. A big push came through on the night of Monday 15th/ Tuesday 16th, with 27 species of warbler seen by me so far, including 21 on the 16th.

Warblers so far this season:

Northern Parula: Daily since 28th April.
Tennessee: Single birds near Turtle Pond on 4th May, and at the Captain's Bench on 9th May.
Blue-winged: Single birds at Strawberry Fields on 28th April, and near Summit Rock on 16th May.
Nashville: Seen between 28th April and 11th May.
Yellow: Daily since 28th April in small numbers.
Chestnut-sided: Small numbers from 10th - 23rd May
Magnolia: Daily since 6th May
Cape May: A very good year for this species, with daily sightings from 2 May to 16th May, including 5 on the latter date.
Black-throated Blue: Daily from 4th May
Blackburnian: A late arrival with the first sighting on 16th May. Suddenly they seemed everywhere!
Yellow-rumped: The first spring warblers to arrive, with the first birds on 15th April. Most have passed through already, the last sighting was 17th May.
Black-throated Green: Daily from 4th May
Prairie: Single birds on 28th April, 6th and 9th May.
Palm: Common from 28th April until about 9th May, one of the first warblers to disappear.
Bay-breasted: An excellent year for this species. Daily sightings between 10th and 17th May, with at least 4 on 16th.
Blackpoll: Small numbers from 30th April, an early date for this species. Increased steadily, becoming the commonest warbler by about 17th May.
Yellow-throated: The only rare warbler this spring, a single bird on The Point on 28th April.
Worm-eating:  One bird on 10th May, and 2 on 16th.
Black-and-white: First seen 28th April, and daily since then.
American Redstart: Seen daily since 28th April
Ovenbird: 8 birds on 30 April, and pretty consistently since then.
Northern Waterthrush: First seen on 28th April, and every day since then.
Louisiana Waterthrush: Single birds at The Point on 28th and 30th April.
Common Yellowthroat: Seen daily since 28th April.
Wilson's: Small numbers from 10th May, mostly around Turtle Pond.
Canada: Regular in small numbers from 16th to 23rd May
Hooded: A female in The Ramble on 6th May, and a male at Tanner's Spring on 16th May.

Additional warblers recorded by others included: Mourning, Kentucky, Orange-crowned.

Other interesting migrants this spring have included:

Common Nighthawk, Grey-cheeked Thrush, Least Flycatcher, Great Crested Flycatcher, Scarlet Tanager, Rose-breasted Grosbeak,, Indigo Bunting, Spotted Sandpiper

Common Nighthawk roosting near Summit Rock
Grey-cheeked Thrush at Tanner's Spring

Black-and-white Warbler, ubiquitous
Blackburnian Warbler. Quite a few this year, starting on about 17th May
Magnolia Warbler, common
Black-throated Green Warbler. Not too many this year, but common enough
Female American Redstart
Hooded Warbler at Tanner's Spring.
Blackpoll Warbler. All over the place now
Prairie Warbler. Only three in Central Park this year.

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